School Speaker Systems

A school speaker system has been an asset for K-12 schools for a long time. It has been used for operational communications, such as, daily announcements, schedule changes, field trip departures, and arrivals.

Emergency communications also require the use of a PA speaker system as part of a comprehensive communication plan in a K-12 school environment. Audio communication is the most effective method to communicate in an emergency. The responsibility of communicating instruction during an emergency be it man-made or weather incidents can be down with a PA speaker system.

Poe Speaker System

The ability for a K-12 school to use existing technology that they already have put in place and is working makes sense and is why a LAN based speaker system is so popular today and has replaced traditional analog speaker headend equipment. A LAN based speaker system allows you to use your existing Ethernet. The speakers can get their power from the Ethernet which would be Power over Ethernet, or you can connect the speaker to the LAN and powered it with AC power.

The software that accompanies the system allows you to do bell scheduling, playing of pre-recorded messages and live broadcast. Each speaker is nothing more than an extension, like a phone extension and is considered an endpoint device.

Wi-Fi Speaker System

The advantage of a Wi-Fi speaker system is that it is wireless. The placement of Wifi speakers can virtually be anywhere. The only two elements you must have is a good WiFi signal and electrical power.

As with the LAN based speakers the software resides on a windows-based PC residing on the same network as the speakers. With our systems, you can mix our PoE speakers with WiFi speakers. A configuration of both Wi-Fi and PoE speakers may provide you a welcome level of flexibility in configuring the speaker layout.

PA Speaker Capabilities

Network PA speaker capabilities far exceed the traditional analog systems. The analog systems typically had only one place to make announcements and require ongoing maintenance service contracts.

You can authorize any windows-based PC authorization to make live announcements. Additionally, if a smartphone is on the school’s Wi-Fi network and is authorized it can also make live announcements to a speaker or a group of speakers.

School Bell scheduling is an added feature to our PA speaker system at no cost. You can create several schedules to fit all the different types of school days. For example, a schedule for the regular school day, two-hour delay schedule and half-day schedule can be created and activated on the appropriate days.

Additionally, with the scheduling app, you can select a large variety of tones and music to be played at the times you want that to occur.
School Speaker Systems

The PA system can also include emergency switch buttons that can be activated when pushed. You can select a pre-loaded message or customized a message to be played over the speakers when the button is pushed.

Therefore, if you want to initiate a “LockDown Message” in the school when the panic button is pushed you can simply record a LockDown emergency message that would provide the exact instructions to the individuals in your school. This greatly enhances your communication so that the appropriate action or response is followed.