Network Bell System

The Network Bell System consists of a Network Relay Controller, a Wired Ethernet Connection and Software. It allows you to turn on or off a bell, buzzer or horn at a scheduled time. The system is very simple to install and easy to maintain.

Network Relay Controller

The Network Relay Controller has 4 contacts. Two normally open and two normally closed contacts. Depending on the equipment you are connecting you will connect your bells or horns to the correct contacts. The Network Relay Controller will be connected to your Ethernet.

Install the software on a PC that resides on the same network as the network relay. Input your schedule into the software and activate the controller and your bell or buzzer will sound at the exact time your event is scheduled.

Network Horn and Buzzer System

The Network Relay Controller can switch any electrical devices under 4.4 Amps. A horn or buzzer is a device that is commonly used in a manufacturing or warehouse environment to signal changes of events. These events can be scheduled breaks or lunch.

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