Digital Message Boards

Our Line of Indoor SMART Digital Message Boards offer the most advanced technology to ensure that messages are easily installed and easy to use. Our software makes it simple to execute pre-recorded messages or real time messages.

Our SMART message boards are engineered with the highest quality components, thereby, delivering a superior product to the marketplace. Our product line includes Wireless Message Boards and PoE Message Boards. Within this line we offer both single line displays and double line displays. The PoE message board also includes a Combo Board.

The SMART Combo message board combines a LED text message display, a built in strobe light and an audio speaker. Please review our Resource section to obtain more detailed information about our SMART series message boards.

PoE Message Boards

Our POE message boards only require an Ethernet connection to the message board. They receive the messages via the Ethernet. Additionally, they will also receive their power over the Ethernet. This simplifies the installation because you do not need to have an AC power outlet where the board will be located.

Our line of PoE digital clocks are an excellent option to our message Boards.

Wireless Message Boards

The number one advantage provided with wireless message boards is that the message will receive its messages wirelessly from a specially designed KRONOsync transmitter. The transmitter is a FCC transmitter that is plug n’ play. The transmitter is appropriately 12 inches by six inches by two inches. Part #101005MB.

It is a broadcast type transmitter, therefore, simply set up the transmitter close to the window based PC where the wireless message board control software resides and install your message boards throughout your facility connecting them to a standard AC power outlet.

If you have a large facility you may need a repeater or two in order to cover the entire area. Please let us design a flawless system for your organization.

Scrolling Text

Operational Messages can be displayed in a static manner or as scrolling text. Our SMART boards allow you to present your messages in a number of methods. Certainly a static message is appropriate for a statement that would not exceed the number of characters of the small single board or the large double line board. For example, if the facility goes into a “LockDown” this can easily be displayed on either board.

The scrolling capability brings forth a degree of action to the message board. Our message boards allow you to adjust the speed of the scrolling so that your messages display exactly as desired.

LED Color Options

LEDs can display multiple colors. We have three different colors for you to choose from. The colors are Red, Green, and Orange. Organizations can set policy to place significance on a particular color over another color. For example, green and orange LEDs might be used for operational or marketing messages, whereas, red would be solely used only for emergency messages.

This approach trains your staff and employee to the significance of the message.