School PA Systems

School PA systems are used for operational and emergency communications within a school. Our public address system has the capability of covering the complete K-12 grounds. This would include all the classrooms and interior public areas and the outside parking lots and athletic fields.

This state of the art PA system allow for live broadcasts, playing of pre-recorded music and scheduling of events such as a class change. Live broadcasts can be executed from a number of broadcast points. The modern speaker systems are network based systems, thereby allowing live broadcast from a place a number of authorized desktops.

Additionally, apps allow for communications from a Smart Phone. The Mobile device needs to be on the same network as the speakers. This allows an administrator with the ability to make an announcement to a individual classroom, office or the entire school.

Wireless Speaker System

Our speaker system provides your facility with a Wi-Fi option. The Wi-Fi option is for schools that have a strong Wi-Fi network and do not have the necessary computer network cabling to install an Ethernet Speaker at every location where a speaker is needed.

The flexibility of WiFi provides for the opportunity of optimal and complete speaker coverage within your school.
The Wi-Fi speakers can be combined with Ethernet connected speakers and will function exactly in the same manner. The speakers have a USB port on the speaker so that a microphone can be attached in order to provide intercom capability.

WiFi speakers come in a standard power size and a High Powered size. The standard size provides for excellent volume for normal classrooms and the high powered size is perfect for large gathering areas.

IP PoE Speaker System

When there are available ports on your Ethernet switch and you have Ethernet cabling run to the location where you want to locate the speaker our IP PoE speakers are ideal.

The speakers have a RJ45 plug on the back of the speaker. You simply plug your Ethernet patch cable into the port on the back of the speaker. This provides the connectivity to your Ethernet Network. The web based software resides on one or numerous desktops so that live broadcast can be executed from multiple locations within the building.

As with our wireless speakers, the IP speakers come in two different sizes. We have the high power speaker which is used in areas such as cafeteria and gymnasium size rooms. The standard classroom speaker is used in medium size rooms to provide adequate coverage.

The speaker volume can be adjusted either by the physical volume control selector on the back of the speaker or from the control software.

How to Order a School PA System

Purchasing a school PA system is not a difficult task. The first step is to determine how many speakers your facility needs. The standard speakers are perfect for a classroom. Add up the number of classrooms and this should be a good estimate. Determine the length of your hallways and consider a high power speaker for every fifty or seventy five feet of hallway.

Then determine how many large gathering areas will need a speaker. Once you have this information please feel free to call us or click the quick quote button and we can provide you a budgetary quote so you can determine if this is the school communication solution for your school.