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A School Bell System is Key to a Successful K-12 School

A school bell system can improve classroom teaching! Systems are important for any type of organization. Systems allow us to achieve success from our operations with a minimal amount of time and money spent. A School Day needs to have a bell system that allows the educational day to be completed in the most efficient manner so that every minute of teaching time is used in the most efficient manner.

In today’s world, there is truly no reason for not to have a bell tone or physical bell to signal the start and end of each class period. When teachers can relay and audible sound to get a class started and to end a class they will be able to use their available time for teaching wisely.

Technology has made bells systems easy to install and to use. There are mainly two ways to initiate a bell sound. One way is a physical bell and the second is playing a bell tone at a scheduled time over a school speaker system. The result of both methods is the same. A bell schedule for the school day.

If you have a speaker system you could use a network tone generator to play a tone over the PA system. The network tone generator has scheduling software that is easy to use. All that is required is a windows-based pc to operate the software.

The software only requires you to enter your school bell class changes and to save the file. The tone generator is wired to your line in on your PA speaker system. The device has several trusted internet time sources pre-loaded into the software. You can use those sites as an accurate source or time or if you have an internal NTP server you can put the IP address of your server into the software.

A second way to have a reliable school bell system. The physical bells are wired to a controller’s relays. The relays turn the bells on and off at the scheduled time. Innovation Wireless offers two way to ring physical bells.

One way is a network relay controller. This is a LAN based product that is connected to your Ethernet. The scheduling software that is included with the device is where you would input your school bell schedule. The schedule is then downloaded to your controller. You will wire you bell or bells to the controller. The controller then turns on or off the bells the appropriate time. It is a quick and easy way to have a reliable and accurate bell system in your school.

School Bell System

The second method is a wireless bell system. A wireless bell system still requires the bells to be wired to a controller but the controller receives accurate and reliable time from a transmitter. The transmitter broadcast accurate GPS or NTP time. Accurate and reliable time assured you that the bell system will ring at the correct time.

The advantage of having the transmitter is that you can easily combine wireless school clocks to the system. The transmitter’s broadcast will keep the clocks and bell system accurate 24 hours a day seven days a week.

In summary, today’s school bell technology offers you many different methods to affordability have a bell system to improve the operational efficiency at a K-12 school.

School Speaker System Solves Operational and Emergency Situations

A school speaker system is critical for all K-12 school throughout the USA. How can you truly have an effective emergency communication plan without a speaker system in place? Mass audio communications is a basic requirement when an emergency occurs. In fact, it is the number one method to people affected by a crisis. People in a crisis need information and directions to take the necessary steps to stay out of harm’s way.

Students, teachers, and administrators all benefit with a PA system. It allows for the broadcast of daily announcements. Daily announcements include schedule alerts, lunch menus, early dismissal, and school assemblies.

Outdoor speaschool speaker systemkers unite the outdoor with the indoor. At different times of the day and year, there is a good portion of the student body engaged in a variety of activities outside of the school building. This can be physical activities, such as event practices and sports. Therefore, when installing a school speaker system, you should always remember that you need to provide coverage to your outdoor areas including your parking lots.

The other operational aspects that speakers provide is the ability to play a bell, chime or any customized message at a scheduled time. Bell scheduling is a key element for the smooth operation of the school day. The signaling of the start of school, class changes, lunch and the end of the day dismissals is easily accomplished with an accurate and reliable school bell system.

Networks are almost universally available in a school to be it wireless and wired networks. By having these networks in place it could not be any easier to install a PA speaker system. The old analog systems of having head-end equipment and service contracts have been eliminated.

Today, with the Wi-Fi and PoE speaker systems they utilize the existing computer networks available in a school. Each one of these systems has different advantages.

Wi-Fi speakers allow you to place speakers at any location within your facility if you have a good wifi signal and you have electric power. The Wi-Fi systems come to you already configured to connect to your network. This information is stored within each individual speaker.

Once you apply power to the speaker it will automatically connect to your network and is ready for broadcasts.

Poe Speakers will get their electrical power from a PoE switch. You can locate a PoE speaker at any place where you have installed a LAN cable. Once plugged into your ethernet the speakers join your network and are ready for use.

The central hub will hold the software that allows for live broadcast, bell scheduling and playing of music or pre-recorded messages. The central hub is typically a small raspberry server that could fit in your hand. You access the server with any browser.

As you enter the server via a browser you are then able to communicate to an individual speaker, a group of speakers or do an all-call.

In summary, a school speaker system will help your institution with day to day operational aspects and emergency situations. The most effective method of communication in a school environment is audio.

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Maintenance Free Clock Systems

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