Learn About a Variety of Clock Systems

A School Bell System is Key to a Successful K-12 School

A school bell system can improve classroom teaching! Systems are important for any type of organization. Systems allow us to achieve success from our operations with a minimal amount of time and money spent. A School Day needs to have a bell system that allows the educational day to be completed in the most efficient manner so that every minute of teaching time is used in the most efficient manner. … 

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School Speaker System Solves Operational and Emergency Situations

A school speaker system is critical for all K-12 school throughout the USA. How can you truly have an effective emergency communication plan without a speaker system in place? Mass audio communications is a basic requirement when an emergency occurs. In fact, it is the number one method to people affected by a crisis. People in a crisis need information and directions to take the necessary steps to stay out of harm’s way. … 

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Do Radio Controlled Atomic Clocks Work in Commercial Buildings?

Radio Controlled Atomic Clocks receive their time from an AM radio signal. The AM radio signal is connected to a true atomic clock. A true atomic clock is a highly accurate clock in which time is established by the vibrations of an atom. Physicist Louis Essen is credited with building the first accurate atomic clock.

In today’s world atomic clocks are used for many different commercial applications, such as telecommunications, science and technology and cost as much as $500,000. The benefit of accurate atomic clocks is realized everyday when we use our GPS navigation devices in our vehicles. … 

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The Value of Daylight Savings Time

Daylight Saving Time also known as Daylight Savings Time, (DST), occurs in the United States on the second Sunday in March at 2:00 A.M. and ends on the first Sunday in November at 2:00 A.M.  DST was started so that we could use as much natural light in one day as possible. By adjusting the clocks forward one hour in the Spring and reverting back in the Fall the maximum amount of daylight could be used and, thereby, reduce the amount of energy needed to produce artificial light…. 

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Maintenance Free Clock Systems

Ongoing maintenance issues have always been a concern for facility departments and when it comes to clock systems it is no different. Facility departments are accomplishing more with fewer personnel in today’s competitively tight environment.  In order for facility departments to operate at a high level of efficiency, routine maintenance and service must be kept to a minimum.

The operational demand to have accurate and reliable time systems has always existed for many organizations in different industries. Time is the keystone of productivity…. 

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