PoE LED Message Boards

Multi-Function LED Message Board

The ability for an organization to have different communication methods at their disposal results in a highly effective communication plan. This approach enhances communication efforts during emergency and during day to day operations.

If you need to have a multi-functional approach to the communications within your organization, the multi-function message board is ideal. This LED message board is able to play live broadcasts, recorded events and a variety of tones. In addition to displaying messages, accurate reliable time is also displayed. The built-in strobe light provides for excellent attention getting.

The board can play the tones and recordings at scheduled time. Therefore, if you have a need for a bell schedule or buzzer alert system that can be accomplished with this programmable LED board. The built in scheduler permits numerous schedules to be created and enabled when desired.

The multi-function display board is part of our family of LED message boards. These LED displays have the ability to display text messages in a number of different output formats. The color of the LEDs can be green, red or orange. The message can be in a 16 Dot display (One Line) or in a double line format.

When the board is not displaying a message the default is that it will display reliable time and date.

Synchronized Time – Accurate Reliable Clocks

An accurate, reliable synchronized clock system is important for a number of organizations. A visual display of time in a school, factory, warehouse or a tech-oriented company enhances productivity, minimize conflicts, and assist in achieving overall organization goals.

In K-12 Schools accurate reliable clocks are critical to ensuring that teachers can maximize teaching time. Schools that operate on synchronized time are able to get the most out of each and every day. Manufacturing and warehousing needs synchronized time to coordinate breaks, activities and shift changes.

A reliable clock system starts with an accurate time source. The time source will be use to set the time in your message boards. There are a number of simple and easy time configurations for the message boards.

First, there are a number of government internet sites that are pre-configured into the software. These sites will automatically function as your time source. As your network time protocol or NTP server.

If your organization has an internal NTP server the software permits you to enter the IP address of your server into the application software and then the boards will pull their time from that NTP server.

The IP – PoE message boards are connected to your Ethernet network and therefore, will distribute the time source to all the display boards that are connect to the network.