Government Facilities Synchronized Wireless Clocks

It has become a daunting task for government workers to keep up with continually increased responsibilities. There is a constant shrinking of budgets and a steady rising of expectations.

The baseline measurement of the effectiveness or productivity of any organization, be it government or commercial is time. Time is what everything is predicated upon.  Meetings, the coordination of events and the evaluation of tasks all are based on time.

It is nearly impossible for an entity to reach a strong level of productivity without accurate and reliable time. We have a number of products available to government entities but none has more of an impact then our wireless clock system.

Wireless Clock System

Our wireless clock system will provide any government agency with accurate daily updated clocks so that the whole organization can operate at a higher level of productivity.

Our time systems provide a powerful way to help local, state and federal organizations make the most out of the resources on hand.

Wireless clock systems are a powerful way to get all your clocks displaying the same time and have them automatically adjust for the spring and fall time changes. The system does not require any programming. Basically you just need to apply power to the transmitter and then place the clocks anywhere in your facility.

The ease of use of this system and the ability to place a clock anywhere you need a display of time is why so many organizations chose this clock system.

The transmitter will send out a FCC licensed broadcast throughout your organization and the clocks with pick up the signal and display the time.  The clocks are updated every day 365 days a year.

We have a large selection of clocks to choice from.  We offer Analog, LCD Digitals and LED Digital Clocks.  These include both battery operated and electric versions.

It is a perfect system! Call us Today for a Government Quote at 888-559-5565 and reap the benefits of reliable accurate synchronized timing.

The KRONOsync ® Wireless Synchronized Time System will accomplish all this and more.

  • Reduce costs by improved productivity and efficient operations
  • Ensures employee punctuality
  • Synchronized time throughout all buildings
  • Clocks coordinate with computer time
  • Maintenance/repair costs eliminated

Need Help Finding The Right Wireless Clock System For Your Military Base, or Government Office Complex?

Contact Innovation Wireless Today. Our sales staff can help you create a synchronized wireless clock system for your school campus.

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