Solar Clocks

Innovation Wireless Solar Clocks are the perfect solution for providing exact second time in any and all outdoor applications. Hi tech stainless design, 100% weatherproof, and synchronized by either the KRONOsync® transmitter or GPS, these large clocks can be easily viewed at key locations around various facilities such as; Schools, Courtyards, Playgrounds, Athletic Fields, Golf Course, etc… Learn more.

Solar Clock

Solar Clock

Synchronized via Transmitter
Part No: 524467S

Synchronized via GPS (Satellite)
Part No: 524008S


  • Solar Powered
  • Designed for Outdoor Use
  • Weatherproof (IP65 rated)
  • Stainless Steel Casing
  • Glass Lens
  • Sophisticated Appearance
  • Automatically Adjusts for DST
  • Maintenance Free

Our solar clocks can be added to an existing KRONOsync master clock system or can be used as a standalone GPS clock. Either model will display accurate time all the time. As a standalone clock the clock will use GPS as its time source.

The GPS antenna is mounted on the top of the clock. This permanent antenna mount makes for a simple installation. The only step that must be taken is simply to turn the power button on and hit the set button.

Once the set button has been pushed the clock will set its hands to the 12:00 o’clock position and then receive the GPS signal and move its hands to the correct position. Then everyday at 2:00 A.M. the clock’s receiver module will open and get a time update via the GPS antenna to ensure that the clock displays accurate time. During daylight savings time the clock will automatically adjust to the correct time at 2:00 A.M.

The second option is the 467MHz version. This option receives its time from the KRONOsync transmitter. This option is excellent for an organization that needs synchronized timing both within and outside of the facility. For example, an organization may be using synchronized clocks within a building and want to add an outdoor clock to the same clock system.

The 467 MHz receiver allows you to add an outdoor clock and connect it to the same system as the indoor clocks. The 467 MHz receiver is attached to the top of the clock frame and will receive the time code broadcast from the KRONOsync transmitter at 2:00 a.m. every day. The 2:00 A.M. time is also when the clock will automatically adjust for daylight savings time.

Our solar clock is maintenance free and does not require any electricity to operate. The clock is completely waterproof and requires minimal sunlight to operate. We have engineered our large 24″ clock to operate on a battery that stores power during the day. This allows the clock to operate 24 hours displaying accurate GPS time.

The clock can be placed in any time zone in the United States of America. Additionally, the automatic daylight saving time feature can be turned off for states like Arizona. The setup of the clock is simple. When you receive the solar clock all you have to do is put it out in the sun for a short period of time and then turn the switch to the on position.

The stainless steel frame of the solar clock makes it a highly attractive clock for any environment. Additionally, because it is weatherproof it can hold up in any environment.