Healthcare & Hospital Synchronized Wireless Clocks

Hospitals & healthcare facilities rely tremendously on the ability to record time accurately throughout every department. All charts, reports, and recorded procedures require consistent time notations.

Dispensing medication, documenting patient files, obtaining lab test results, and monitoring of surgical procedures, all can have tremendous legal consequences if the correct time in which these medical activities performed, is not correct.

Our three methods to deliver reliable synchronized time to your facility will produce a desired outcome of reliable accurate synchronized timing. We execute this task with a maintenance free clock system that automatically adjusts for daylight savings time.

Network Based Clock Systems

All three of our systems can pull time directly from your computer network. Therefore the clocks on the wall will be the same as the clock on your computer network connected devices.

Our KRONOsync 467 MHz system broadcast a wireless code throughout your facility. The 467 MHz will not interfere with any frequencies within the medical industry. This frequency band comes with a FCC license to ensure reliability and signal integrity.

KRONOsync is used by many hospitals. Please check out our customer list to see a few of these facilities. The system comes with a full array of digital and analog clocks. We also have countdown timers for use in the operating rooms.

The other system we offer is our IP – PoE network clocks. These clocks derive their power over the Ethernet: Power over Ethernet. They also pull time via NTP thereby displaying accurate reliable synchronized clocks.

The third system is our Wi-Fi system. We offer an analog wifi clock that will is wirelessly connect to your computer network.

Countdown Timers

Our countdown timers are used in hospital operating rooms to display normal time and to function as a countdown or count up timer. Tethered to the clock is a controller switch which as simple to use buttons for a surgical nurse to activate a countdown or up with a touch of a button.

Our clock systems will provide consistent time accuracy for logging medications, emergency procedures and medical records. It assist in reducing legal exposure, insurance disputes and by saving time and money.

At innovation wireless we serve many different markets the products above and communication systems but now more important than the Healthcare industry.

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The KRONOsync® Wireless Synchronized Time System will accomplish all this and more.

  • Consistent time accuracy for logging medications, emergency procedures
    and medical records.
  • Minimized legal exposure.
  • Reduced billing and insurance disputes.
  • Synchronization of wall clocks with medical instrumentation.
  • Control outpatient and visiting activities.
  • Save time and money on labor costs.

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