PoE Digital Countdown Timers

Our PoE Digital Countdown Timers is a complete line of Led digital display. The Count Down feature is controlled by our software. The software allows you to set the time that you want the countdown to start and end.

The application for this particular count down timer is for when you have a regular scheduled activity that occurs on a particular day (s) and having an LED Clock switch from displaying time to a count down would be benefit to your organization.

K-12 class changes occur at a schedule time and this count down timer is perfect for that application. When the bell rings to initiate the class change the clock will begin its countdown. All clocks on the system will display the countdown. Once the period of time is finished and the clock hits zero it will switch back to displaying accurate reliable time.

This Digital PoE clock is designed to be a custom countdown timer and the software permits you to make the count down occur at a time and date of your choice. The software permits you to have this function to occur multiple times during the day. You have complete flexibility to schedule how to use the feature. The count functions is not a remote control countdown timer. The function is controlled by the software.

If you need a giant countdown timer I would recommend our 4 inch digit size. We offer both a 2.5” and a 4” Digit size in our LED Digital clocks. The 4 inch is for organizations that need a large display to be shown. The PoE version is a wall mounted count down timer. It comes with a wall bracket. Simply mount the wall bracket onto the wall and then fasten the unit to the bracket.

Manufacturing facilities that have breaks at regular schedule times can benefit from our PoE Digital timer in two ways. First, the timers when not in use will display accurate, reliable, synchronized time. Therefore, with all clocks displaying the same exact time the whole operations is greatly enhanced.
Digital Countdown Timer

Second, with automatic count down function occurring during breaks everyone is aware of the time remaining and hopefully will return to their responsibilities at the correct scheduled time.