College & University Synchronized Wireless Clocks

Colleges and Universities focus on creating a campus environment in which to instill academic excellence. As a result, it is more challenging than ever to effectively meet the numerous schedule needs of students and administrators.

The activities on a typical college campus are broad and diverse. This is evident by the different levels of involvement of administrators, employees, professors and students in so many classes, lectures, recreational activities, meetings, work, etc… The importance on a reliable clock system on campus to produce an environment of cohesiveness among all the moving parts is hypercritical.

We provide accurate time systems that will ensure that the clocks on campus are maintenance free and every one display the same time. Our clock systems automatically adjust for daylight savings time and each individual clock is updated daily.

When students, professors, administrators and staff rely on the clocks on the wall and the same time is displayed on all the clocks throughout the college the organization becomes more in sync and productive with educational time.

We have three good options to accomplish synchronized timing at your college

Wireless Clocks

Our KRONOsync transmitter is located on college campus throughout the world. This simple to use transmitter has the capability to cover one building or a complete campus. The system has an excellent choice of different clocks and styles to match the décor of the office, lecture hall or any place a clock is needed.

We also offer wifi clocks that have the capability to be placed anywhere on campus where Wi-Fi capability exist. These clocks pull their time from the computer network and are updated throughout the day to ensure that they display accurate time.

Ethernet Clocks,

Our IP – PoE clocks allow you to place any style clock without the worry of having to provide electrical power to the clock. This is especially advantageous for LED Digital ones because LED Digitals are not available in a battery powered option.

Ethernet Clocks are attached to your computer network and receive their time from the computer network. The electrical power for the clocks is provided by a network POE switch. If you do not have a PoE switch it is simple enough to use a single POE port injector.

Synchronized time on college campuses has a direct impact on education just as reliable clocks have a direct impact on corporations throughout the world.

If you would like references of how our systems have had a positive impact on campuses throughout the United States and UK we are glad to put you in contact with our customers.

Let us help you determine a cost effective method to bring synchronized timing to your campus Call TODAY at 888-559-5565 or if you know what you need click the quick quote.

A wireless clock system from Innovation Wireless can help school administrators synchronize clocks across the campus wirelessly.

The KRONOsync® Wireless Synchronized Time System will accomplish all this and more.

  • One unified source of synchronized time
  • Improve learning environment
  • Ease and flexibility to expand system
  • Costs and maintenance reduced

Need Help Finding The Right Wireless Clock System For Your Campus?

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