K-12 SCHOOL Synchronized Wireless and POE Clocks

An accurate reliable synchronized clock system is important for the operational efficiency of a K-12 school. A school clock system offers many advantages for administrators, teachers and students.

Time is the building block in every type of organization. In schools it is even more important because so many events occur throughout the day in which students and teachers must rely on accurate synchronized time.

Class changes are one such item for which accurate clocks play a role to ensure that students get to the next class on time. Additionally, the day to day operations of a school day is structured on time periods.

The effective use of time is even more pronounced with the demand on schools today to excel. The pressure from parents, taxpayers, federal and state governments for schools to succeed are tremendous.

We have three product lines that can deliver reliable accurate synchronized timing to school. They are wireless, Wi-Fi and PoE Clocks or Network Clocks.

Wireless Clocks

We offer a wireless clock system that can be used in a small or large school. This wireless clock system operates with a five watt transmitter that has the power to cover a school of 300,000 square foot. If a school is larger than this or has additional buildings to cover we can add a repeater to cover any area.

The system has three parts. The transmitter is the first component.  Our KRONOsync transmitter is the industry leading transmitter. There are two main reasons for this leadership.

The first reason is the 5 watts of power. The 5 watt of power delivers the transmitter’s 467 MHz frequency robustly ensuring that you can hang a clock any place any time in your facility.

The second reason is that you receive a FCC license with your transmitter. This license guarantees that you will not get any interference from other wireless devices.  With so many wireless devices on the market today it is important to have the guarantee of the FCC.  It protects your investment.

The second part of the system is the time source for the transmitter. The time source can be either GPS or NTP. The system will come with either method. Both methods connect to the transmitter and are simple to install

The third part of the system is the clocks. We have a LCD Digital clocks, LED version and analog. The option to have different size digits is an option on our LED Digitals.

The analog clocks come in a varied of sizes and with the option to custom the dial face with a school’s logo.

Wi Fi Clocks

Our Wi-Fi analog clock allow you to use your existing wifi network to provide your school a synchronized system. They are battery operated and have a 2.5 year battery life.

They are easy to sync up to your wireless network and if your wifi goes down for any reason the time will still display correctly. When the wifi is restored the re-connection is automatically.

IP POE Clocks

IP – PoE Clocks are a perfect approach to reliable time for a school.  There is no need for batteries or for AC power. We offer our IP – POE time in LED Digitals or an Analog version.

IP – PoE time displays operate as network clocks.  They are connected to your network via an Ethernet Cable. They receive their time from the network and their power from a network POE switch.

Every organization benefits from good time management to enable productivity to be at its highest level. Where accurate reliable synchronized time exist so does high performance.

It is difficult to achieve high performance without excellent time management. When all the clocks in a facility display a different time it becomes virtually impossible for any organization to achieve a high degree of success. Time is a precious and limited commodity.

Our school clock system solutions will work in concert with our school bell system software to combine accurate reliable clocks that are synchronized with school bells.

We have a large selection of analog and digital time pieces to choose from. We have all different sizes to fit a desktop, classroom and large gathering ares.

The clocks will automatically adjust for daylight saving time in the spring and fall. Our tone generator software makes it very easy to schedule class changes. The school bell system software is available in both our wireless and wired solutions.

Our wireless school clock and bell systems allow you to have an unlimited number of clocks. You can mix analog and LCD and LED digitals. The clock selection for the wireless clock is very extensive.

School Bell Systems

A school bell system is a facility product that can define the operational efficiency of a school day. When the school bell scheduling systems are accurate and reliable the school will march to the sound of the system.

We have different options available to produce a reliable synchronized system. Each method allows for the schools current system to be considered, thereby, producing an affordable system.

We have both marketing and engineering dedication to K-12 education. Please see all the products we offer at our website or Call us Today at 888-559-5565.

Accurate Wireless and Wired Clocks and School Bell Schedule System will accomplish all this and more.

  • Improve Teaching Effectiveness with Classes Starting and Ending on Time
  • Eliminate confusion and disruptions, focusing on more Efficient Learning
  • Create order by having Your Bell Class Change System in-sync with Clocks
  • Reduced Overall Maintenance Issues
  • Budget Friendly Pricing
  • Plug N’ Play Solutions

Need Help Finding The Right Wireless Clock System For Your School?

Contact Innovation Wireless Today. Our sales staff can help you create a synchronized wireless clock system for your school campus.

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