Industrial & Manufacturing Synchronized Wireless Clocks

Your manufacturing facility’s ability to function orderly and efficiently, keeping all equipment and machinery working together systematically, is critical to maintain peak operational effectiveness.

Our products can help you to achieve your operational effectiveness. Our master clock systems and automated bell or buzzer systems can be perfect for your facility. The systems can precisely coordinate activities or events that our important to your organization to reach its goals.

Bell Buzzer Time System

We have a number of ways to schedule a bell or buzzer to ring or for a sound to be played on a paging system at a scheduled time.

If you want to activate a physical bell or buzzer we can do this wirelessly or with an Ethernet connection to our tone generator.

Our network based unit is an IP – PoE device that can be powered by standard AC power or by Power over Ethernet. The unit itself has two normally closed and two normally open contacts.

Your bells or buzzers are wired to the contact closures. The bell software to control the tone generator resides on an administrator’s computer. The software allows for multiple schedules and the activated schedule will automatically control and switch the state of the contacts.

The wireless version operates in conjunction with our KRONOsync wireless transmitter. The wireless unit receives accurate time from the transmitter and your buzzer schedule resides within the unit on a SD card.

We provide with the tone generator a SD card and scheduling software. You download your schedule onto the SD card and then simply insert it. In a similar manner as the IP – POE unit the wireless one will have the bells wired to the contact closures.

Wireless Clocks

Synchronized wireless clocks can contribute greatly to the efficiencies of a plant or warehouse. Our system produces accurate reliable time so that everyone can be on time all the time.

It eliminates being late from breaks, enhances arrivals and departure times and produces productivity without any additional maintenance.

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The KRONOsync® Wireless Synchronized Time System will accomplish all this and more.

  • Manufacturing processes and activities are performed accurately and timely
  • Greater operational productivity and efficiency
  • Employees arrival and departure times are accurate
  • No more being late from breaks
  • Time and money is saved on reduced/eliminated clock maintenance

Need Help Finding The Right Industrial Wireless Clock System For Factory or Manufacturing Facility?

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