Count Down Timers

Count Down Timers are selected based on the way the organization wants to implement the devices. We offer three countdown timers. Each one of these timers are different in how the count down or count up can be performed. We offer a LED Count Down Timer, Analog Count Down Timer and our PoE Count Down Timer.

The LED Count Down Timer is both a countdown timer and a reliable time display when it is not engaged in a count down or count up function. As a LED Digital Clock it can be part of our 467 MHz wireless clock system. This system functions with a transmitter that broadcast a time code throughout your facility so that all wireless clocks can receive the time daily and display accurate, reliable synchronized time.

The LED timer will receive this time and display it. To initiate a count down or count up the clock comes with a small switch controller. The switch controller is tethered to the clock via a cable and controls the function to learn more please visit Digital LED Countdown Timer

It is perfect for a healthcare environment where a OR count down timer is important for the timing of certain procedures in the operating room. At the same time there is a need to display accurate time.
Red LED Hospital Countdown Timer Clock

Our Analog Countdown timer performs basically in the same manner as our LED ones except that the time is in an analog display and the countdown function is accomplished on an LCD display located in the center of the dial face. The clock timer is controlled by a switch. For more information please view the video and information at Analog LCD Countdown timer

The third count down timer we offer is with our IP – PoE LED Digital Clocks. The software is what controls that countdown feature. You can schedule a countdown event to occur a a particular time of day and a particular day or days of the week.

This countdown timer function is used in K-12 schools to count down the time between class changes. The programming is very simple with the PoE software that comes with the LED Digital clocks. Please see the video on PoE Digital Countdown Timer.

If a count down timer would help your organization achieve its goals please give us a call today to acquire more information or get a quick quote.