Digital Countdown Timer Specifications

2.5″ 6 Digit LED Countdown Timer

2.5" 6 Digit LED Clock

  • Alternating Time and Date (self adjustable)
  • Adjustable Brightness (dimming)
  • 120 VAC or 24 VAC
  • Multi-functional: Count-Up or Count-Down
  • Timer Option, Digital Clock
  • Highly viewable six digit LED display shows hours, minutes and seconds.
  • Count down timer mode displays time remaining
  • Count up timer mode displays elapsed time

LCD Countdown Back


Switch Control Specifications

Digital Countdown Timer Specs

  • Allows user to set, start or stop the timer
  • Designed to fit inside a single gang box (not included)
  • Wall plate cover is aluminum
  • Cable connector is a standard network cable (not included)

Dimensions: 4.5″ H x 2.75″ W x 2″ D (11.43cm H x 6.985cm W x 5.08cm D)