K-12 SCHOOL Synchronized Bell Systems

The hallways of schools throughout the world burst open when class changes occur. The changing of classes is something that happens all the time in schools and if the bell system is not working properly it has a negative impact on the school.

An improperly performing bell or buzzer system is disruptive and robs teachers of valuable teaching time that they can never get back.

It doesn’t matter if the school bells are physical buzzers or tones over a speaker system if they do not work properly it causes confusion and we can solve that problem quickly and our systems are affordable.

Schools face increasing demand for improving how students learn and administrators have limited budgets to spend in order to apply new technology that can contribute to the overall performance of the school.

It is not just technology in the class room but technology in facility products. Certain facility products contribute greatly to the learning, scheduling and time management of the educational day.

An Accurate, reliable, synchronized clocks and school buzzers throughout your school can play a vital role in meeting these needs. Teaching will be more productive and classes more orderly when students move to and from classrooms on time. No more excuses that “the clocks were wrong” or the clocks and bells were not synchronized.

Your school administrators will have peace of mind knowing that each facility is running efficiently and the clocks and buzzers throughout the school are synchronized.

Wireless Bells

We have a wireless system that allows you to control physical buzzers or to send a variety of tones to a public address system at a scheduled time. The system is very straight forward. The system involves two parts: transmitter and a tone generator. The time transmitter to sends time wirelessly to a device called a tone generator.

The tone generator holds your class change schedule and activates the schedule on time all the time by receiving accurate GPS time from the transmitter.

Network Bells

Our network system allows you to control a bell system or individual bells by connecting physical bells to our IP – PoE tone generator. This allows them to be controlled by software which resides on the administrator’s computer.

If you have a centrally controlled system that is not working our solutions allow you to use the existing bells. Typically the actual bells don’t go bad but the main controller.

With a reliable bell system you will see an improvement in teaching effectiveness with students arriving on time for class. There is an elimination of confusion and disruptions that occurs with a defective system.

Bell Tone Sounds

If you have a speaker system you could play bell tones or a variety of tones over your speaker system to signal the start and end of an event. An event could be the start of the school day or class changes or dismissal.

We offer both a Wifi and a PoE speaker system that have built-in schedulers in the controlling software. The scheduler is easy to use and to activate. You can a number of different school bell schedules and enable them when appropriate.

The ability to play a variety of tones and recorded messages along with live broadcast makes a speaker system the ideal choice for a bell system.
At Innovation Wireless we are always developing products that are beneficial to public and private schools. Bell system are just one of the products we offer for the K-12 school market.

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The KRONOsync® Wireless Synchronized Time System will accomplish all this and more.

  • Improve teaching effectiveness with students on time for class
  • Eliminate confusion and disruptions, focusing on more efficient learning
  • Create order by having class change bells in-sync with clocks
  • Reduced maintenance for custodial staff
  • Greater savings on replacements. No repairs
  • Add a tone generator to form a complete plug and play school bell system

Help Finding The Right Wireless Bell System For Your School?

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