Tone Generator & Bell Systems

Accurately coordinated tones and/or music are played at scheduled times over existing PA system or stand alone Bells, Buzzers, and Horns can be synchronized to ring at scheduled times. A buzzer system or buzzer alert system improves operational efficiency for a school classroom as it does for commercial entities. Combined with system clocks eliminate confusion and chaos within your facility when the clocks and bells are out of sync. Learn more.

Tone Generators For School Bell Systems

Wireless and Network Bell Systems

You are able to control physical bells, buzzers and horns with our wireless tone generator or our network relay controller. The Tone Generator and Network Relay Controller will switch an electrical device on and off at a scheduled time. Theses devices are perfect for application where you have a scheduled event and need to signal the start and end of that event with a sound.

Wireless Bell System

The wireless bell system is part of the KRONOsync wireless system. Within this system is a tone generator which controls the on and off of the bell or horn. It receives its time wirelessly from the KRONOsync transmitter.

The bell system comes with scheduling software from which you will enter your event schedule and download it onto the provided SD card. The SD card is then placed into the tone generator. This schedule allows the tone generator to turn a contact closure on or off based on the schedule. The tone generator also has a audio line out which can feed a public address system with a variety of tones at scheduled time. Click HERE To learn more about the Wireless Bell System.

Network Relay Controller

The network relay controller will activate a bell, horn or buzzer. The controller will receive its time via wired Ethernet. It has a RJ45 jack for an Ethernet cable connection. The device can seamlessly fit into a PoE LAN network or it can be powered with an AC adaptor.

Scheduling software is provided. Simply input your event schedule and the bells or buzzers connected to the controller will ring or sound according to the schedule. Please click the link to learn more about our Network Bell Controller.

Tone Generator & Bell

Tone Generator with Scheduler Software
Part No: 102001
(To hear available tones, please click on Product Specifications and scroll to bottom of page)

Tone Generator
Part No: 102002

Tone Generator with Bell
Part # 107011

Part # 107010


  • Operable with No Physical Connection to Transmitter
  • Synchronized with KRONOsync® transmitted time.
  • Add, Edit, Delete Changes for Half-Days, Holidays, Early Dismissal, or Any Other Schedule Modification.
  • Multiple Schedules and Events are Easily Programmed into Any Windows Based PC.
  • Can Input Up to a Combined Total of 128 Different Schedules and Individual Events.
  • Variable Tones and/or Music
  • Integrates with Existing PA System.
  • Activates Stand Alone Bell (For Large/Noisy Areas)
  • Powered by Standard 120 VAC
  • Maintenance Free.

When looking for bell and buzzer system suppliers we offer Wireless and IP – PoE solutions for your consideration. Our tone generator activates a bell system or buzzer. Our wireless solution has an audio out connector that lets you interface with an existing PA system in order to play a variety of MP3 files over the public address system at a scheduled time.

The tone generator can turn on any electrical device and is predominately used to turn on or off a bell, horn or buzzer. Visit our buzzer system page to learn more about this application.

A number of K-12 schools have a non-functioning existing wired bell system. The tone generator solves this problem by synchronizing the old bell system to GPS time. This is accomplished by using the tone generator’s contact closure to activate the bell system at a precise scheduled time. Typically existing bell systems have all the bells wired to a master bell controller. These old school bell systems fail over time. It is a simple procedure to remove the old controller and replace it with the tone generator.

The audio tone generators receives its time from the KRONOsync transmitter. The transmitter receives its time from either GPS satellites or from the internet via Network Time Protocol, NTP. Both time sources are simple and produce accurate time. The transmitter then broadcast this time throughout the facilities. The broadcast enables clocks, message boards and tone generators to receive accurate time.

Once the tone generator has the accurate time it can turn on or off its contact closure based on a schedule. The schedule is stored on an SD card within the tone generator. The SD card is programmed using the scheduling software that ships with tone generator. The scheduling software allows you to easily schedule the day of the week and time of day in which the contact closures will open and close.

The contact closures can control virtually any electrical device. Typically in a manufacturing environment it is used to turn off and on buzzers. Basically you can turn on or off any device at a scheduled time.

The other function of the tone generator is to provide an audio in source for an existing public address system. In these cases a customer may have in place a PA system and would like for tones, pre-recorded messages or music to play over the PA speakers at a scheduled time.

To accomplish scheduled audio events to occur over a PA system the tone generator should be located close to the PA system. Cable the audio out port on the tone generator to an audio in port on the public address head end. The scheduling software comes with a number of MP3 files available for your use. Included are files such as, bell tones, chimes, and chirping birds to name a few and you can add your own MP3 files also.

There is no adjustment needed for the spring or fall time change for daylight savings time. The reason is because the adjustment for daylight saving time occurs at the transmitter; the transmitter will broadcast the adjusted time.

The tone generator receives it time from the KRONOsync transmitter, the bell schedule resides on the SD card located on the tone generator and the contacts are wired to a bell, buzzer or a school bell system.

To see if a wireless tone generator can help your organization, please gives us a call at 888-559-5565.