Buzzer and Horn Systems

If you are looking for wireless buzzer system suppliers, you are at the right location. At Innovation Wireless we provide organizations with synchronized time and communication products to make them more efficient.

One of our areas of innovation is our wireless buzzer alert systems.

Manufacturing, Warehousing and K-12 Schools facilities have a requirement for scheduled alerts. There is a need for regular scheduled alerts and for notifications when a critical event happens.
School Buzzer Innovation Wireless

The regular scheduled events can be such activities as work breaks like a morning break or lunch break or class changes for schools. There is also an organizational need to have the ability to sound a horn alert when a critical event occurs.

Our Wireless Buzzer or Horn Alert System uses our tone generator to activate a volume adjustable buzzer. This solution enables an organization to wirelessly install an alert system in their facility.

The system allows you to activate the buzzer manually in case of a “one off” type alert. It also and probably more importantly allows the organization to have regular occurring events to be scheduled. The scheduling aspect of the system allows you to preset breaks or other types of regularly occurring operational events.

A school buzzer system allows for a smooth school day with the buzzer being activated to start and end the school day in addition to signaling the change of classes.

A wireless buzzer system for classroom changes is probably one of the most important operational aspects of a well organized school day.

The volume of the Buzzer can be manually adjusted so that you can create the correct volume for the area. This ensures that the proper volume level is achieved for a particular area.

If you need to place a number of buzzers in an area and they operate on the same schedule you can daisy chain or wire the buzzers to one tone generator. Being wired to one tone generator eliminates additional costs associated with purchasing multiple devices. Please consult with us on the number of buzzers permitted per device.

By daisy chaining horns you can cover a large warehouse or manufacturing area with one tone generator and provide for a wireless buzzer alarm for the facility.

There are four main components of a wireless buzzer system. They are the KRONOsync time transmitter, tone generator, the scheduling software and the buzzer (s).

The KRONOsync 467 MHz transmitter is a 5 watt FCC licensed device that will broadcast a time code throughout your facility. The broadcast is done on a UHF signal broadcasting on a 467 MHz frequency band.

The 467 MHz frequency is perfect for an alert application. This frequency is licensed by the FCC and therefore, virtually eliminates the chance of interference.

Additionally we have 10 channels available in the 467 frequency band. These 10 channels guarantee that this system will work flawlessly at your location.

The transmitter is capable of broadcasting either GPS time or NTP time. Both methods are simple to use and do not require any maintenance.

If GPS time is chosen a GPS receiver is shipped with the transmitter. We invite you to learn more about the wireless time transmitter on our website.

The operational aspect of the GPS receiver is quite simple. Basically you plug the GPS receiver into the back of the transmitter.

Once power is applied to the transmitter the system is intelligent to grab the GPS time and start broadcasting the time without any programming or intervention on your part.

The transmitter will also automatically make adjustment for daylight saving time in both the spring and fall. The transmitter broadcast the time 24/7 and provides the tone generator the time so it can activate the buzzer or horns at an accurate and reliable time.

If you would like the time source to be from your computer network a NTP receiver will ship with your transmitter. The NTP receiver is plugged into your network and pulls time from your computer network delivering it to the transmitter. Therefore, in this situation computer time will be broadcasted throughout the organization.

The system also allows you to add wireless clocks either LED Digital, LCD Digital or analog. These time pieces will pick up the transmitter’s broadcast and display accurate reliable time all the time.

Once you have the transmitter up and running the next step is to input your schedule using the scheduling software. The buzzer scheduling software is an input software program where you select the days of the week and the desired time you what the buzzer to sound. You also have the option to indicate how many seconds you would like the horn to be activated.

The next step is to save your schedule file to a SD card. The SD card ships with the tone generator. The SD card is then plugged into the SD slot on the tone generator. You will then wire one or more buzzers to the contacts on the tone generator.

With your schedule in place and your horns wired all you have to do is apply standard AC power and your alert system is operational. Please call us today with any questions or click free quick quote and receive a quote today.