Clock Guards

Analog Wire Guard 16" x 16" These sturdy, durable clock guards are the perfect solution for protection against theft or damage. Designed for use with both analog & digital clocks and easy to install.

  • Analog Wire Guard 16″ (40.64 cm) x 16″ (40.64 cm) Part # 104001
  • Analog Wire Guard – 19″ (48.26cm) x 19″ (48.26cm) Part # 104002
  • Digital Guard for 2.5″(6.35cm) 6 Digit Part # 104003
  • Digital Guard for 4″ (10.16 cm) 4 Digit Part # 104004


Analog Clock Hanger Bracket & Retrofit Bracket

Analog Wire Guard 16" x 16" Add security and protection to all wall mounted analog clocks.

  • Hanger Bracket Part # 105007
  • Hanger Bracket – Retrofit Part # 105008


Transmitter Shelf

Analog Wire Guard 16" x 16" This sturdy wall mounted metal shelf provides added security and stability

  • Transmitter Shelf Part # 105001


Transmitter Rack Mount Bracket

Analog Wire Guard 16" x 16" Easy attachment to transmitter for convenient installation into most technology rack systems

  • Transmitter Bracket Part # 105003


Battery Back-Up/Surge Protector

Analog Wire Guard 16" x 16" Provides back-up power protection for the KRONOsync® transmitter against electrical outages

  • Battery Backup/Surge Protector Part # 105006 



  • Clock Guards
  • Hanger Brackets
  • Transmitter Shelf
  • Transmitter Rack Mount Bracket
  • Surge Protector

When designing a clock and bell system there are many accessories that put the finishing touches on a great system. Items such as; clock guards, hanger brackets, transmitter shelf, transmitter rack mount brackets and surge protectors.

We offer a variety of clock guards. Clock guards are mainly used for gym clocks to protect the clock from an errant ball. They fit over the entire clock and are made of steel. The steel is thin enough to ensure that the time display can be seen from a distance and different angles yet strong enough to within stand a ball striking it.

We have guards for our analog 13″ clock and for our analog 16″ clock. Our 16″ standard clock is the number one clock for use in gymnasiums because of its size. Our Digital LED Clocks that are used in environments where they need to be protected can use the guards specifically design for them.

The guards are simple to install. All that is required is for four corner screws to be tighten down to secure the guard around the clock.

Our hanger brackets and retrofit brackets provide added security and assist when removing an old hard wired clock system. The hanger brackets security element is that the analog clock must be twisted in a certain direction in order to remove the clock from the wall. This prohibits someone from just reaching up and removing the clock.

The retrofit bracket is excellent for when you are removing failed wired clocks and replacing them with our products. Typically an installation of old wired clocks such as Simplex there was a metal gang box in the wall behind the clock. The retrofit bracket is design to set into the box so that you can center the clock placement.

The transmitter shelf and the transmitter rack mount brackets provide the necessary shelving or mounting for the KRONOsync transmitter. The cantilever shelf can easily hold the weight of the transmitter so that it can be mounted to the wall. The rack mount brackets are designed so the transmitter can be mounted in a standard relay rack.

Our surge protector is design to protect the transmitter from power brown outs and power surges. Brown outs are common electrical facility issues that result in an unintentional lowering of the power voltage. This lowering of the voltage is harmful to any type of electrical device.

Our synchronized clocks are used in business, education and healthcare and our accessories are design to provide the little elements that will make your clock system perfect for your organization.