Wireless Bell System

Our wireless bell system solves bell system problems at schools, alerts issues at warehouses and break times in a manufacturing facility. The system consists of two main parts. The KRONOsync transmitter that will broadcast the time code throughout your facility so that the tone generator can receive the time and know the time to activate a bell or buzzer at a scheduled time.

The tone generator will house your event schedule on a SD card. The easy to use software allows you to program the SD Card that comes with the unit. Once you have your schedule programmed on the SD card just insert it into the tone generator and apply power. The device will automatically receive the time broadcast from the transmitter and operate without any intervention.

The wireless bell system tone generator can also work in conjunction with your existing public address by providing tones at a schedule time. Our school PA systems has the function of a bell schedule built into the speaker system

Tone Generators For School Bell Systems