Clock Systems

Our expertise in the clock industry is extensive. It has been our passion for decades and it is brilliantly shown in our clock systems. Obtaining the correct clock system is easily accomplished with the consultation of one of our skilled sales representatives.

We provide three different technologies to fit your organization; Wireless, Wi-Fi and PoE Clock Systems. These clock systems provide an organization with the necessary options to ensure that they receive the most appropriate system.

Wireless Clocks

Our wireless clocks are part of our KRONOsync Wireless Clock System. These clocks operate on an FCC Radio Frequency using a licensed FCC transmitter. The transmitter operating at 467MHz communicates an accurate GPS or NTP time to all your devices. Click here to Learn More.

Wi-Fi Clocks

Our Wi-Fi Clocks operate on a standard 2.4GHz Wifi network. These clocks are easy to configure to your WiFi network and will provide you with a synchronized clock system at your school, business or manufacturing plant. Please Click Here to learn more.

PoE Clocks

Power over Ethernet, (PoE) allows you the convenience of providing power to the clocks via your Ethernet Cable. The Ethernet will not only provide accurate and dependable time to the clock but also deliver power to the clocks. Please find out more about these clocks by clicking here.

All of these systems have three fundamental aspects that are important in a clock system.

The first aspect is that they display an accurate and reliable time. When someone is planning their day and working through their day they need to rely on the time displayed on the wall clocks and we deliver this time.

Our customers are teachers who are excelling in their teaching and must use all available time in a prudent manner. They do not want to cut their lesson plan short. Teachers want to give their students every available minute of their expertise.

The second aspect of a solid system is that the clocks automatically adjust for daylight savings time. This is critical for a maintenance-free system. If the system can eliminate the need for an individual to go to every clock within a facility and adjust the clock in the spring and fall to daylight saving time this saves hours of manpower.

Our clocks receive time updates every day this guarantees that time displayed will be 100% accurate 365 days a year. The automation of the spring and fall time change occurs at 2:00 AM on the Sunday of the time change, thereby, having all the clocks accurate for the following Monday.

The third aspect of a good clock system is that you can place a clock on the wall and without any maintenance concerns. Our battery operated clocks have extended battery life so if you employ synchronize battery-powered clocks it will be years before you touch the clock again.

If the clocks you desire are electric you will not have to touch the clocks probably for decades. This makes your clock system completely maintenance-free. Once you have installed the system you can enjoy the benefits of an accurate, reliable synchronized clock system.

We possess decades of experience manufacturing clocks, clock parts and components. The three clock systems we offer contain this knowledge and skill in delivering advanced technology and engineering.

This expertise ensures a high-quality product that will last for years. Our manufacturing takes place in ISO certified factories and plants. We help our customers with installation questions and best practices.

Even though these systems are easy to install we help you make your installation quick and perfect.

When you review our customer list you see that our customers include some of the most recognized companies in the world. This is only a partial list of our customers but represents the extent to which all systems are trusted for a number of diverse industries.

Public Address and Bell Systems

We offer a full line of public address and bell systems. Thousands of schools throughout the country use our bell systems to coordinate events like the change of classes or the start and end of the school day.

K-12 schools across the United States use our PA systems, bell scheduler and clock to improve their operations. These facility type products are virtually maintenance-free and make administrator’s daily work easier.

Companies like use our wireless bell system at their warehouses to keep everything running smoothly to meet their customer’s expectations. Numerous hospitals use our countdown timers to assist surgical procedures.

Countdown timers are typically used in hospital operating rooms. We offer both analog and digital countdown clocks. When a certain procedure is being performed and the medical doctor wants the process timed they can easily activate the device so that everything can be timed.

We also offer hallway countdown timers for schools. Our PoE digital clocks have the capability to be controlled by our software to execute a countdown timer at a scheduled event. This is used in school hallways to provide students with a time display showing how much time they have remained until the next period begins.

This feature reduces tardiness and, thereby, enables teachers to start their lesson plan without any hesitation or interruption with latecomers.