Standard Analog Clocks

Our Standard Analog Clocks includes both Wi-Fi Network Clocks and 467 MHz Wireless Clocks. Wireless Clocks are simple to install and easy to maintain. The wireless nature allows you to apply power and place it where you need the clock.

The clock will receive the broadcast via WiFi or off the 467 frequency band. Click Here to learn more about our WiFi Network Clocks.

Standard analog clocks offer the perfect solution for many new and retrofit applications. Our most economical selection are available in several different styles. All of our standard analog clocks connect wirelessly to the KRONOsync® transmitter. Learn more.

  • 16" Black Standard

    13″ (33.02cm) Double Sided Ceiling Mount
    Part # 210011 – Battery

  • 13" Black Standard

    13″ (33.02cm) Double Sided Wall Mount
    Part # 210021 – Battery

  • 13" Black Double Sided Ceiling Mount

    13″ (33.02cm)
    Part # 210001 – Battery
    Part # 312001 – Electric (120 VAC)
    Part # 311001 – Electric (24 VAC)

    16″ (40.64cm) shown above
    Part # 220001 – Battery
    Part # 322001 – Electric (120 VAC)
    Part # 321001 – Electric (24 VAC)

  • 13" Black Double Sided Wall Mount

    16″ (40.64cm)
    Part # 220001L – Battery

    LCD Display

    LCD Display
    (Month, Date and Day)

Dial Options: Additional Custom Logo Designs Available

  • Standard Arabic 12/60
    Standard Arabic 12/60
    Part No: SA60
  • Classic Arabic
    Classic Arabic
    Part No: CA00
  • Standard Arabic 12/24
    Standard Military 12/24
    Part No: SM24


  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Durable ABS Casing
  • Polycarbonate Lens (shatter resistant)
  • Battery (2 D-Cell) or Electric 120/24 VAC
  • Automatically Adjusts for DST
  • Maintenance Free

Available Case Colors: Black, White.
Also Available in: Electric

The black framed 13″ standard analog clock is the industry leading sync clock. The main applications are school clocks and hospital clocks. These analog clocks are also perfect for synchronized clocks in businesses and manufacturing.

Our analog clocks are constructed with the highest quality. We use the Takane movement which is one of the most durable quartz motors in the world. All of the gears are made of Acetal instead of ABS thereby delivering an extended life for the gear train.

We protect the electronics of the clock by covering the back of the clock completely. Even though the back of the clock is against the wall it is important to protect the clock’s electronics from dust. We also have a separate battery compartment cover to ensure that building vibration does not jiggle the batteries loose. Our engineering believes that some of the things you don’t think about when purchasing a clock system are some of the most important aspect of a clock.

We offer an excellent selection of standard analog clocks. In addition to the 13″ analog clock we also offer it in a large 16″ size. The 16″ clock is typically used in large gathering areas that need a large wall clock. It functions as a synchronized cafeteria clock or a gym clock. When a countdown clock is needed we also offer an Analog LCD Countdown Timer.

To meet the demand for an analog clock with a digital display showing the month and day we offer part # 220001L. This 16″ clock has a clear LCD panel located on the dial face displaying the month and day.

Our 13″ and 16″ analog clocks come in battery and electric. The battery version takes two standard D cell batteries. The battery life is approximately 5 years. Once you hang the clock on the wall you will not touch it for 5 years.

We also offer the 13″ and 16″ clocks with a dual mounting bracket which is ideal for hallways. Our LED Digital Clocks also have this option of being mounted back to back in the hallway. The mounting bracket allows you to mount the hallway clocks on the ceiling or on the wall.

The standard analog clocks have a receiver module tuned to the KRONOsync transmitter 467 MHz frequency. The KRONONsync transmitter is broadcasting the time code for every 20 seconds seven days a week. The analog clock will open its receiver 6 times in a 24 hour period to receive an updated time code, thereby, ensuring an accurate display of time. The clock’s receiver module opens at 10:00, 2:00 and 6:00 a.m. and p.m. During daylight saving time in the spring and in the fall the clocks will make the time adjustment at 2:00 a.m. This adjustment occurs automatically, you do not have to initiate the action. The transmitter is programmed to make this adjustment for you. This automation eliminates the need for maintenance personnel to get ladders out twice a year to make the change for daylight savings time.

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