WiFi Analog Clocks

Our WiFi Clocks enable you to use your existing Wi-Fi Network to provide your organization with synchronized accurate reliable time displays. The clocks are easily configured to join your existing WiFi network.

There is no need for a physical Master Clock. The included Wi-Fi configuration software will provide the necessary clock configuration and the time source. The clocks operate on 4 D Cell and automatically adjust for daylight saving time.

WiFi Analog Clocks

The ability to install an accurate reliable synchronized clock system and use your existing Wi-Fi is a fabulous and straight forward approach to accurate wall clocks that automatically adjust for daylight saving time. Increase productivity and enhance overall operations with our analog WiFi clocks.

Our Wi-Fi clocks operate on a standard 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network. The clocks operate on four D cell batteries. No worries about running a cable for time correction or having an electric connection to power the clock.

The single battery compartment on the enclosed back panel requires you to remove the battery compartment cover and simply insert 4 D cell batteries. Once the batteries are install the clock will automatically begin its start up procedures. Just follow the quick start guide to a flawless start-up.

Once the clock is synced to your network they are ready to be placed on the wall.

We offer both a single sided and double-sided Wi-Fi Clocks. The single sided clocks are perfect for any type of room that needs synchronized accurate time. The double-sided clocks are ideal for hallways. They are typically placed in the middle of a long hallway and, therefore, can be seen from a fair distance away in the hall.

Many organizations have benefited greatly from synchronized clocks. Having reliable dependable time to gauge your day is the main attribute of a clock system. Another strong attribute of the system is that it is a maintenance free clock system.

The only item that has to be maintained changing the batteries and this does not occur until after years of use. The clocks automatically adjust for daylight saving time.

When the time change occurs both in the spring and fall the clocks will make the adjustment automatically without any manual intervention. When the facility opens for business on the Monday after the switch from standard time to daylight time and vice a versa on Sunday the facility is ready and operating on the correct time.

WiFi Sound System

An excellent add-on to a Wifi clock system is a Wi-Fi speaker system. Wireless speaker systems have some of the same advantages that the wireless time display products, whereas, there is no need to run cables to where you want the speakers located.

Audio does not take a lot of network bandwidth from your Ethernet and provides for an easy way to communicate to your entire facility or to individual locations. As with PoE PA systems the headend equipment has been reduced to software running on a pc.


  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Durable ABS Casing
  • Polycarbonate Lens (shatter resistant)
  • Battery (4 D-Cell)
  • Automatically Adjusts for DST
  • Maintenance Free