Wireless PA System for Schools

Public Address System

K-12 schools need a method to communicate to an individual classroom, a select group of classroom or to the entire school and a wireless PA system for schools may be the perfect solutions.

Our wireless speaker system for K-12 operates on the school’s WiFi. This is a large advantage for the school because it allows the administrators to use an existing asset, the WiFi network to place a communication platform.
The WiFi speakers are equipped with a standard WiFi network card just like any other device or computer. It is with this WiFi receiver card that allows the speaker to connect to your network without any additional equipment.

The speaker has a mini SD card inserted into the speaker which holds all your network information. We do all the programming at our factory. Therefore, when you receive you speaker it is network ready for your Wifi.

Wireless Speaker Placement

Can we place the speakers anywhere in our facility? This is the strongest advantage for wireless speakers in a school setting. Where you have a strong WiFi signal strength you can place the speaker. This flexibility allows you to ensure complete coverage of your facility.

If your WiFi network provides excellent coverage you will find that placing your speakers in optimal places is quite easy. You will need to be able to provide regular 110v power to the speaker. The speakers come with a mounting bracket. The mounting bracket allows you to mount the speaker at two different angles; horizontal or vertical.

How to Buy the Wifi Speaker System

The process to purchase and install the WiFi Speaker System is quite simple. The first step is to determine how many speakers you need. The standard speaker can be used in the classroom and the high power speakers can be used in the hallways and larger rooms. For example, your assembly room or auditorium would be a perfect place for the larger speaker.

You can also have a combination of Wi-Fi and IP – PoE Speakers. This flexibility is appreciated by many clients. That can easily adapt the speaker system to their facility. Once you determine how many speaker you need just click on the quick quote button to receive our school pricing. Once you receive the pricing and if it fits your budget our team will cover the network particulars with you to make sure the Wifi speaker system is perfect for you and the installation will be quick and simple.

Support for the WiFi System

All of our products come with free technical support. During the ordering process we make sure that we gain an understanding of your WiFi network to avoid any situation that may hinder or delay the installation once you get your speakers. We will put your network particulars on the SD card that is inserted into each speaker. In this manner when you receive your speakers they are ready to connect to your network.

The software is web based and a complete guide is provided to walk you through each step of the installation. We also have produced a YouTube video which mirrors the guide so that you have both a written and a video understanding of the system.