IP – POE Communication System

The Innovation IP – POE Communication System allows you to use your existing Ethernet infrastructure in a new and powerful manner. Our Smart Speakers allow you to install a paging system using either your Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet to create a dynamic and powerful communication platform.

The Smart Speakers are available in a standard model or a high powered model and with the use of our Network Server module will give your organization unparalleled communications.

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POE Communication System

The heart of our IP – POE Communication System is our user-centric software. This software is simple to install, easy to use and thereby, creates an environment where authorized users can use it not only for the day to day operations but also during the demanding times during emergencies.

We offer a complete line of IP – PoE end point devices from analog clocks, LED digital clocks, and speakers to message boards.

We offer two different sizes of Analog Clocks. Our 13″ analog provides for excellent viewing in classrooms and hallways. Our 16″ analog clock is the ideal size for large gathering areas. The high quality construction that we use for our Wireless Analog Clocks is applied to the POE Analog Clocks.

We offer a single line and a double line message board with all the advanced features of scrolling and red, green and orange LED colors. These features come standard with both types of message boards. The POE LED Digital Clocks come in a 2.5″ Digit Size and a 4″ Digit Size and can be displayed in either a 4 digit format (HH:MM) or 6 digits (HH:MM:SS).

The speakers we offer are either a high powered and regular powered speaker, thereby, providing the right volume caliber for the right location. Our POE Indoor speakers deliver the same high quality sound as our high performing wireless speakers.

The Innovation IP – POE product line performance is based on our strong engineering department that delivered the KRONOSync Communication System. The KRONOSync wireless system enabled schools, colleges and businesses to become even more efficient and effective organizations.

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  • Power over Ethernet No need for external power.
  • NTP Time Source
  • Multiple Administrative Options
  • IEEE 802.3af
  • Maintenance Free