How The KRONOsync Wireless Clock System Works

The KRONOsync® wireless clock system uses Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites for sending time signals that are accurate to the second. The satellites send a signal to a GPS receiver (mounted on a roof structure, side wall or interior window) which is connected through a cable to the KRONOsync®  transmitter.

An FM signal is locally broadcast and then transmitted from the master clock (transmitter) to every remote clock in the system, keeping them all synchronized. The GPS utilizes a constellation of 24 earth orbiting satellites which transmit precise microwave signals, enabling the GPS receiver to determine its location, speed, direction and time.

Time signals are then sent wirelessly from the transmitter to all system clocks. Installation is easy, and there is little to no maintenance. The KRONOsync® wireless clock system is also engineered to receive Network Time Protocol (NTP), an alternative method for synchronizing clocks using a computer system over packet-switched data networks. By simply plugging a network Ethernet cable into our NTP receiver, which is connected by a cable to the transmitter, all system clocks in your facility will be synchronized to the second.

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How The KRONOsync® Wireless GPS Master Clocks System Work
The KRONOsync® wireless clocks uses Global Positioning System (“GPS“) satellites for sending time signals, accurate to the second, to a GPS receiver connected by a transmitter/master clock.

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