Wireless PA System

The Wireless PA System provide for complete communications in any facility. Wireless public address systems give organizations an affordable method to install a speaker system without any hassles of running cables.

Organizations such as manufacturing and warehousing can benefit from a wireless speaker system. A wireless Wi-Fi system is excellent for organization that has an existing WiFi.

The speaker system consists of the choice of 2 different speakers. This simple choice enables you to cover your complete facility. The standard speaker and the high powered speaker have both physical and software volume control. These speakers are also available in an IP – PoE version. The system allows you to mix the Wi-Fi speakers with the PoE speakers. The speakers are control by a service module that plugs into your Ethernet switch. It is configured with your network information so that it is plug and play when you receive it.

Wireless Speakers

The wireless speakers can provide audio coverage for large or small areas. Based on the size of the area you may only need one standard speaker but if it is a large area the high powered speaker would probably be more appropriate.

I think you will appreciate everything our wireless Wi-Fi speaker system has to offer. It can not only make live broadcast but also function as a buzzer or bell schedule system. It has a buzzer alert scheduler built into it. You can schedule breaks or any other scheduled event to be played over the speakers. The systems provides for a variety of tones and sounds.

The programming of the schedule is quite easy. You put in the days of the week and the time for the event to occur. You also can select from a variety of tones and music to play at the scheduled time. You can make live broadcast from any authorized desktop or Smartphone using the phone app.

The broadcast can go to an individual speaker or a certain number of speakers or to the whole the whole facility.
The speaker system is certainly a strategic part of an organization emergency communication plan. During an emergency people need information to make the correct choices and audio is the best method.

Emergencies require quick action. The action may require you to make an announcement when you are not by your desktop. If you have a smart phone you will be able to make that announcement to all the speakers on the network.

Public Address Equipment

It operates on your WiFi so you do not need any transmitters or additional equipment. The technological advancements embedded in this speaker system makes the process of installation simple. The only equipment or hardware is the speakers and the service module. At Innovation Wireless we make technology facility products simple.

The speakers are easy to install and we pre-configure the speakers to your network so that installation is as easy as applying power.

The software is web based.

Lets us give you a free quote so you can see that it is easy to solve your communication problems.

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