School Clocks

School Clocks are an important element in maximizing teaching time and administratively operating a highly effective K-12 school. School clocks historically were always hard wired systems. They were wired in a daisy chain fashion to provide power and time correction.

There were inherit maintenance issues with hard wired systems and with technological advances in wireless engineering wireless clocks became the clock system of choice for schools. Our wireless clocks receive their time from a 467 MHz frequency which is broadcast from a 5 watt transmitter.

The transmitter does not require any maintenance and is configured for your location prior to sending it. Once you apply power it starts to broadcast the time code. The wireless school clocks receive the time code from the transmitter. This regular and consistent time update ensures that all your clocks throughout your facility will have the same time all the time.

Wireless Clock System for School

Wireless clock systems for schools need to be easy to install, simple to maintain and reliable over a long period of time. Wireless systems with battery operated clocks are very easy to install and do not require any maintenance except for every five years you need to replace the batteries. If you purchase electric clocks there is absolutely no maintenance.

The no maintenance aspect of wireless clocks is one reason they have taken over the clock system industry. Wired systems after the advent of wireless have all but disappeared. Wireless flexibility of hanging a clock any place anywhere is an installation dream.

This flexibility has reduced installation time down to the simple steps of taking the clock out of the box, putting batteries into the battery compartment and placing the clock at its desired location.
The ease of use is a hallmark of all of our clock and bell systems products

Synchronized School Clocks

School Clocks achieve their synchronization thru their on board receiver module. The receiver module is tuned to a 467 MHz frequency. With its receiver module it can pick up a broadcast coming from the 467 MHz transmitter.
As stated, the transmitter operating at 5 watts will cover most high schools. If a school is very large a repeater can be added to provide the additional square footage.

The transmitter needs to broadcast accurate time to the analog and digital clocks. In order to do this the transmitter is capable of pulling time from your computer network or from GPS satellites.
Once the transmitter has its time source it broadcast 24 hours 7 days a week. Therefore, the clocks receive a time update daily. This ensures accurate and reliable time every day.

Daylight Saving Time Adjustments

When daylight saving time adjustments are necessary in the spring and the fall the transmitter is programmed to make the adjustment automatically. The feature can be turned on or off with a push of a button.
Today school clocks provide accurate time throughout the school year without any maintenance issues. The benefit of accurate time for the school day far exceeds the cost of ownership of the modern wireless school clock system.