LED Message Boards

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Smart Message Boards

Our IP – Poe SMART Boards are vital for communication safety messages, announcements and upcoming events throughout your school, campus, manufacturing plant, healthcare facility or corporate offices.

This technology allows you to display not only messages but also the time, date and day. We offer the boards as a single and dual line display. Determine what size is best for your facility. You can also mix and match them so you end up with the exact size for the area the board is located.

You can play canned messages. These would be normal type of messages. An example would be “LOCKDOWN”. When a lockdown condition occurs simply execute that message and it will be displayed on all your boards.

You are able to group or zone messages to certain boards with the IP – PoE Software this allows you to tailor your messages to particular units or locations.

LED Message Boards Functions

We use Tri-Color LEDs in our units. This allows you to display messages in Red, Green and Orange. The brightness can be adjusted to the room where the display board is located. Additionally, the messages can be displayed in static or at a scrolling speed. There is virtually no maintenance with this state of the art system.

One of the time benefits of these displays will automatically adjust for daylight saving time both in the spring and in the fall.

Digital Brochure

Check out our Brochure! Please download our SMART Board brochures to learn more about these systems. Our digital brochure contains additional specifications about this exciting product line.

Need Help Finding The Right Digital Messaging System?

Do you need help finding the right synchronized communication system? Contact us today.  At Innovation Wireless we have over 30 years of expertise in synchronized communications for schools, hospitals, office buildings and institutions.

We can easily provide to you with our recommendations for best practices. Our experience will ensure that we solve your problems or needs in the most economical approach.

Our IP-PoE product line includes many complimentary products that can provide your organization the ability to have synchronized time and communications. Our synchronized systems include speaker systems, emergency network switches, analog and digital clocks.

Please communicate with us on your needs and we will design a communication system that will be tailored to your exact needs.