Automatic School Bell System

Automatic school bell systems are critical to the daily operations of a K-12 school. The bell system is typically what will signal the start of the school day and the end of the school day. It can be a physical device, a bell or buzzer that operates on a contact relay to turn it on and off.

The physical device can be a bell, a buzzer or basically any device for which when power is applied will activate something like a rocker arm that will produce a sound for the start or end of a scheduled event. The master bell systems are not narrowly defined by a physical ringing type device.

It can also be a speaker system where a bell or chime tones are automatically played at the appropriate time. In K-12 schools master bell systems are used throughout the day and can be employed on different schedules. The bell scheduling software that accompanies the master is easy to use, simple to install and schedule changes are uncomplicated to administer.

They are as important for a K-12 school as any other aspect of the school day is. The sound of a bell will signal to teachers, students and administrators the start of the day.  The bell system is used throughout the day to signal class changes.

Many schools have the bell sound so that the student can switch to a different room to learn and engage in a new subject. They might be in English in the first period and then Math in second period and the Math class is in a different room or building.

We have three available methods for a school to implement a bell system. We have a wireless bell system, an IP/PoE based relay closure bell system and a Wifi or IP speaker system that can play tones at the correct time.

Wireless Bell System

The wireless bell system receives its time code wireless so that it can activate a relay closure at the correct time. The rely closure on our tone generator will turn on and off the buzzer. The system is comprised of a KRONOsync transmitter that broadcast GPS time or NTP time throughout the facility.

The broadcast time is picked up by the tone generator. The tone generator functions as a bell controller in that the physical bells are connected to its relay contacts. The tone generator will hold your bell schedule on its programmable SD card.

This wireless solution is also capable of generating tones that can be feed into an line in on a public address system at the scheduled time, thereby, playing a tone over a speaker system.
Both methods are very effective and do not require any maintenance or ongoing costs.

IP – PoE Bell System

Our IP based bell system is called our network relay controller. The network relay controller has sets of contact where you will connect to your bells. Your bell schedule will be entered on software which resides on the computer network. The software will use the time provided by the computer network and will ring the bells at the scheduled time by activating the relays.

This system is quite easy to install and simple to use and can control a large number of bells or buzzers.

PA Speaker System

Our SMART Speaker System allows you to have an IP or WiFi speaker system play a variety of tones and music at a scheduled time. The flexibility of placing either a Wi-Fi or Ethernet speaker gives an organization a nice degree of flexibility.