Wireless Clocks, Tone Generator, and Bells

View our complete line of Wireless Clock, Bell, and Tone Generator System products and accessories from Innovation Wireless.

Standard Clocks

Standard Wireless Clocks Standard analog clocks offer the perfect solution for many new and retrofit applications. Our most economical selection are available in several different styles.

Brushed Aluminum Clocks

Brushed Aluminum Clocks Add a sophisticated touch to your facility. Brushed Aluminum Clocks offer an upscale, high tech look that will enhance any d├ęcor.

Solid Wood Clocks

Solid Premium Wood Clocks Add decorative style within your facility. Solid Wood Clocks are the perfect look for your Executive/Administration offices and conference rooms. Offered in rich looking Mahogany, Light Walnut, and complimented with Arabic or Roman dials.

Digital Display LED Clocks

Digital Display Clocks With an innovative design, these easy to install Digital Display Clocks, viewable up to 200 feet away offer a high level of performance, quality, and reliability. The perfect solution for satisfying Digital Clock needs in all types of facilities.

Digital Display LCD Clocks

Multifunction LCD Clocks With sleek styling, easy-to-read displays and GPS/NTP synchronization, these LCD clocks offer a wireless, battery-operated alternative to electric digitals. Both wall-mounted styles are ideal in hospitals, classrooms, college lecture halls and the board room.

Digital LED Countdown Timer

Digital Countdown Timer This multifunction Digital Display Clock/Timer provides your facility with precision count-up/count-down capabilities. A switch control allows user to operate the timer in multiple modes. When not in timer mode, it functions as a standalone synchronized clock.

Analog LCD Countdown Timer

Analog LCD Countdown Timer Analog Countdown Timers offer convenience and flexibility. Can be located anywhere applicable. 3 button switch control provides simplistic count-up/count-down functionality, and display Month, Day, Date when not in timer mode.

Bells/Tone Generator

Tone Generators For School Bell Systems Enjoy convenience, flexibility, and accurately coordinated tones, tunes or songs produced audibly over existing PA system or individually with stand alone bell, and synchronized with all system clocks. Easy to install software allows you to maintain order and eliminate confusion and chaos within your facility when the time and bells are in sync.


Accessories From clock guards and brackets to shelves for transmitter, and more. We have a complete line of accessories for your Wireless Synchronized Clocks.

Digital Brochure

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Need Help Finding The Right Communications System?

Do you need help finding the right synchronized clock system or school bell system? Contact us today. At Innovation Wireless we have over 30 years of expertise in time clock synchronization for schools, hospitals, office buildings and institutions.

Operation of our system requires an FCC license. Contact us for details.