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Synchronized Clock Systems

We offer three different clock systems. All of these systems will provide accurate, reliable and synchronized time for your facilities.

We offer a wireless clock system that allows you to place a clock anywhere in your facility. This system has the greatest flexibility for clock placement without any other consideration with respect to your computer network.

Our Ethernet and Wi-Fi Clock Systems are two excellent alternative clock systems that will deliver synchronized time. The Wi-Fi clock system will operate on your Wi-Fi computer system. The system will get time from your computer network daily.

Our Ethernet Clock System operates on your Ethernet Network. It allows you to be connected to your Ethernet network via a patch cable. The cable delivers both accurate time and AC power to the clock.

Public Address Systems

The ability to communicate to part of your facility or to your whole facility has never been easier with our Wi-Fi and Ethernet Systems.

The Wifi and PoE public address systems are very popular because your existing network provide the communication medium. There are no additional costs of installing a completely separate system.

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