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Thank you for completing the 10 Day Trial Request. We will contact you no later than one business day.

Customer Service

We do what to make sure your trial goes exceedingly well. At Innovation Wireless we are always available to response to all your questions and concerns. We recommend that you call us the day your equipment arrives. Our telephone support can help you get up and running in no time. Please call us at 888-559-5565.

Clock Systems

Our clock systems are simple to install and easy to maintain. We offer a Network Clock System and wireless clock systems.

We offer many different styles of clocks from LCD Digital, Multifunctional Clocks, LED Digital Clocks and a variety of analog clocks.

Our analog clocks include ABS, Wood and Metal framed clocks in a variety of sizes. These sizes enable you to get the appropriate dial face size or chose the appropriate size Digital Clock for the type and size of the room.

Emergency Notification Systems

Critical Communications are greatly enhanced with our Network Based Emergency Notification Switches. The software that controls the switches will ensure that the appropriate message for the type of emergency is broadcasted. We offer a single button and a triple button unit.

You can customize the switch and align a prerecorded message as the response. For example, LockDown, Shelter and Evacuate. Accompanying these units with our paging intercoms can provide you the complete solutions.