Digital Message Board Specifications

  • Weight: Single Line – 1.3 LBS
                Double Line – 4.2LBS
  • Message Board Sizes: Single Line – 3.5″H x 15″W x 2″D (8.89cm H x 38.1cm W x 5.08cm H)
                                      Double Line – 6″H x 28″W x 2″D (15.24cm H x 71.12cmW x 5.08cm H)
  • Power Supply: 100-240VAC input, 5V 7.5A Power adaptor.
  • Operating Range (Temperature): 32F-120F
  • Material (Frame and Lens Construction): ABS plastic case/Acrylic lens
  • Viewing Distance – 100 Feet (3,048cm)
  • Data Form – Single Line – 7 character spaces – unlimited scrolling
                       Double Line  – 14 character spaces – unlimited scrolling
  • LED Size and Color: 2.5″H (6.35cm H) Tri-Color LEDs Red/Green/Orange
  • Data Baud Rate: 1200BPS

Digital Message Board