School PA System

A School PA System is the communication center of an organization’s effectiveness and a school PA system is important so the office can initiate communication to an individual classroom or the entire school.

A school speaker system helps in many different ways. It can function as a bell schedule. Our public address system has a bell schedule program built into the software.  Playing bell tones over the speakers at schedule times is easy to program.

It only requires you to enter your class change schedule with the appropriate time for the tone to be played. The software has a number of tones available from bells sounds to chimes and recorded music. You also can add sounds files of your own liking.

Classroom Communications

With speakers placed in the classrooms live announcements or broadcasts can be made by administrators to individual classrooms, a group of classroom or to the entire speaker system. Live broadcasts are a strategic part of a school emergency communication plan.

During a school emergency people need information to make the correct choices and audio is the best method to convey that information. At Innovation Wireless our advanced school speaker system provides you with a speaker system that handsomely provides attributes that contribute to the success of the overall school operation.

Our system is easy to install and is maintenance free.

PA Speakers

The speaker system consists of 2 different speakers. The Standard Speaker which is appropriate for most classrooms and the high powered speaker for large gathering areas such as cafeterias. It is very easy to size the speakers to the room where the audio coverage is needed. In some areas you may need multiple speakers to cover the area.

The choice of speakers can be either Wi-Fi or Ethernet. The system permits you to use both types of speakers. There may be areas in which you have Ethernet available but not enough cable runs to support the number of speakers you need in order to provide ample coverage.

In these situations you can add a WiFi speaker as long as Wifi is available. It is this highly unique aspect of the system that makes it so functionally appealing.

Speaker Installation

The speakers are easy to install. The speakers come with a mounting bracket. The mounting bracket is a swivel so that it can be positioned at the preferred angle. The speaker versions; the standard and high powered can be install vertically or horizontal.

The Wi-Fi speakers require 110 VAC to operate. The IP – PoE Ethernet version will operate with power over Ethernet. The connectivity to your computer network will either be an Ethernet cable to the back of the speaker if you have Ethernet available or a simple WiFi connection. Our support team will walk you thru it step by step. The software is web based and easy to operate.

Lets us give you a free quote so you can see that it is easy to solve your communication problems. It is quite simple to achieve an accurate quote. First, calculate the number of speakers you need. Please figure one standard speaker per classroom and high powered speakers for large gathering areas and if you need any outdoor speakers.

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We look forward to solving your school PA system problem.