Wireless Public Address Systems

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Wi-Fi Public Address System

Your Wi-Fi network can now be employed to enable a robust public address system. The system allows you to perform live broadcast from a desktop or from a smart phone. The only requirement is that the desktop or the Smart phone must be on the same Wi-Fi network.

In addition to live broadcast you can schedule for a variety of tones or music to play at a precise time. To understand more about this system please Download our PDF Wi-Fi PA System.

Public Address Transmitter

PA Transmitter The IW PA Transmitter is the perfect solution for broadcasting crisp, clear Voice Communication and Bell Tones, wirelessly, in all School & Buildings applications. Accurately coordinated using the PA software, announcements, class change and break notifications are easily generated, creating enhanced audibility, and reliability.

We offer a wireless school pa system for buildings and campuses. This system is built on our years of wireless experience. This system allows you to communicate from an windows based computer to speakers throughout your facility. The system’s flexibility permits you to place speakers at any place within range of the transmitter’s broadcast.

The system will come with a FCC license which will guarantee your system against interference. The number of wireless devices available on the market today is increasing rapidly and having a FCC license. We complete all the FCC paperwork and secure the license for your organization.

K-12 School PA System

The wireless PA system for schools is ideal for many small or medium size schools. A school can, accurately coordinate announcements, class change and break notification. The IW PA Transmitter is the perfect solution for broadcasting crisp, clear Voice Communication and Bell Tones.

The school PA System allows you to pre-record announcements and plays them back at a scheduled time. You can play back any MP3 file at a scheduled time making it easy to custom the start of the school day. This also permits a variety of tomes to identify certain activities or class changes throughout the day.

Please call 888-859-5565 to schedule a demonstration or to see if it’s the public address system for your school.

Public Address Wireless Speakers

PA Speakers The IW PA Speakers are perfect for hearing crisp, clear Voice Communication and Tone Signaling, in all School & Facility applications. Requiring only standard electric, these Wireless Speakers are the ideal solution for eliminating expensive/costly wiring, or as a replacement to existing failed hard wired speakers.

Accurately controlled and wirelessly coordinated using the PA Transmitter/software, announcements, class change and break notifications are easily generated, providing enhanced audibility, and reliability.

We offer two types of speakers with the system. We have a standard speaker which is perfect for a room and a high powered speaker which is excellent for hallways or large rooms.

Both the high powered speaker and standard speaker’s volume can be controlled manually on each speaker in order to adjust it to the perfect sound level for the location.

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Operation of our system requires an FCC license. Contact us for details.