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Wireless Communication Systems

INNOVATION WIRELESS is an industry leading manufacturer of Synchronized Time & Communication Systems.
Specializing in Public Address Systems, Clock Systems & Digital Messaging. We provide solutions for all types
of facilities, Healthcare, Educations, Business/Manufacturing & Government, that will improve operational efficiency,
increase productivity, and reduce costs.

INNOVATION WIRELESS offers Wireless Clock Systems, Wireless PA Systems, Wireless PA Speakers, Analog Clocks,
Digital LED Clocks, Digital LCD Clocks, Digital Countdown Timers, Analog Countdown Timers, Digital Message Boards,
Solar Clocks, Tone Generator/Bells, Accessories.

Wireless Synchronized Timekeeping

Wireless Time Synchronization is here, with the powerful KRONOsync 467MHz Transmitter. While small, light and maintenance-free, this simplistic "Plug and Play" system is the perfect solution for providing correct time throughout buildings and facilities of various sizes and applications.

Wireless Clocks/Bells

Consistent and accurate clocks/bells across organizations keep all processes running efficiently. Time synchronization provides solutions which reduce costs, risk, and increase productivity.

Wireless PA Systems

The Innovation Wireless Public Address System is the perfect solution for broadcasting crisp, clear Voice Communication and Bell Tones, wirelessly, in all School & Facility applications.

LED Message Boards

Digital message boards are vital for displaying emergency information & notifications, safety messages, and upcoming events, throughout your school, campus, manufacturing plant, healthcare facility, or corporate building.

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