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Wireless Communication Systems


Wireless Synchronized Timekeeping

Wireless Time Synchronization is here, with the powerful KRONOsync 467MHz Transmitter. While small, light and maintenance-free, this simplistic "Plug and Play" system is the perfect solution for providing correct time throughout buildings and facilities of various sizes and applications.

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Innovation Wireless Info

INNOVATION WIRELESS is an industry leading manufacturer of Synchronized Time & Communication Systems. Our present day product line is built on a foundation of more than 40 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of clocks, clock parts and components.

By specializing in Wireless Clocks, Bell Systems, Wireless Public Address Systems and Digital Messaging we serve markets in Healthcare, Education, and Manufacturing & Government. These products in timekeeping and communications has greatly enhanced and simplified the way schools, hospitals and businesses operate and manage their organizations.

Our wireless clock systems and public address systems are simple to use, easy to install and maintain. Our customers include some of the most prestigious companies in the world. Our selection of clocks both LED Digital Clocks and Analog Clocks enables our customers to improve their efficiency.

Our engineering and technology expertise has positioned us as an innovator and leader in advanced wireless clock solutions and communication products.

Schools, colleges, hospitals and businesses need an easy method to connect and communicate with confidence. Innovation Wireless will transform your communications, thereby, increasing your effectiveness both for communications throughout your facilities for emergency notifications and for everyday activities. Our wireless message boards send notifications messages fast and simple. They provide customers with an eye catching digital display of communication that complements their voice broadcasts. It enables the administrators to take more confidence in the relevance and impact of their messages.

There’s never been an easier way to help keep your organization safe and informed. With this in mind our engineers built a simple but intuitive interface. It allows your personnel to execute action during an emergency with accuracy and speed. When an emergency occurs people need information. It is a natural human response in an emergency and our message boards provide that information.

Our wireless clock systems make life easier for teachers, administrative and students. Productive use of time is the keystone of great Schools, Universities, Hospitals and Corporations.

In K-12 schools the day revolves around the movement of students from one place of learning to another. Teachers build lesson plans in order to maximize teaching time. Accurate clocks on the wall which are synchronized with bell schedules create a highly effective learning environment.

Our high powered wireless transmitter is transforming colleges and universities campuses throughout the United States. Colleges and Universities are under ever increasing pressure to improve their education value. Our wireless clock system provides the means for students and professors to stay on time with a glance of the eye. Visual and accurate displays of time commission the educational process to work at a high level. Our advanced wireless technology provides complete coverage of a college campus. The selections of both analog and digital clocks permit our customer to match the look and feel of higher education.

Our synchronized clock systems for hospitals increase the accuracy of the administrative task of charting time. The pressure on hospitals to control costs and minimize mistakes has never been more important. The legal, insurance and medical requirement for hospitals to accurately chart the time is safeguarded with our wireless synchronized timing solutions. Patients arriving in emergency room are charted by time the moment they arrive. In operating rooms are countdown timers are used extensively to execute numerous medical procedures.

In every market we serve our engineering moves forward not only to improve existing products but also to develop products that will save our customers time and money.